Believe in yourself: What your childhood dreams can really teach you.


Do you remember what you wanted to be as a child, and how sure you were that it was exactly what you would become when you grew up?

You know, your childhood dreams were just as much about confidence as they were about imagination… but sadly, somewhere along the way to adulthood, most people lose their ability to see their potential and get stuck in the rut of who they think they are supposed to be instead.

Just imagine what you could achieve if you had that “unconditional confidence” of childhood again? If you’d like to turn back time, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of DBTV.

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Get out of your comfort zone: try something new and watch your confidence grow


Are you a creature of comfort? If just the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone makes you feel terrified, you’re not alone. Trying new things is a great way to push yourself to greater heights but remember you don’t always have to take such a big leap.

You see you don’t have to go jumping out of airplanes to do this (unless you really want to). But what you can do is take one or two small steps in the right direction and come out feeling on top of the world.

If you’ve ever found yourself staying in your comfort zone when you really want out, you are going to want to watch this week’s episode of DBTV.

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Do it now: Don’t waste your life waiting for the perfect time… it will never come


Do you ever find yourself holding off on doing something until the time is right? You might be waiting ‘until I’m ready’, ‘when I’ve lost weight’, ‘when I know a bit more’, ‘when I’ve saved more money’ and so on. The truth is, the perfect time is never going to come.

If you’ve ever found yourself ‘waiting until…’ you are going to want to watch this week’s episode of DBTV.

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Greetings from Paloma Beach :-)

Nice France Domonique Bertolucci

After my children’s birthdays and Christmas Day (made all the more fun since having children) Paloma Beach Day is probably my favourite day in the world.

What is Paloma Beach Day, I hear you ask?

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Get a budget: Stop fighting about money once and for all


Do you and your partner ever feel the heat when it comes to money? It’s been proven to be one of the biggest causes of relationship issues and often times it’s hard for two people in a relationship to agree on how to handle it. The good thing is it doesn’t have to be so heated, and I can show both of you how to cool down your money talks.

If you find yourself in argument after argument with your partner over money, then this week’s episode of DBTV is going to be a must watch for the both of you.

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