Shift your focus: Enjoy the life you are living right now


Are there things in your life that frustrate or annoy you?

If you’re a human being, then the answer to that question is probably yes! And if you’re the kind of person who has goals you are working towards and improvements or tweaks you want to make in your life then the list of things that you wish were different, might be quite a long one.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your life and create a better future… as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your ability to enjoy yourself right now.

In this week’s episode of DBTV, I’ll share the simple question that will allow you to make a powerful shift in the way you are looking at your life right now.

In this short video you’ll learn…

• How to shift your focus away from the things that are frustrating you about your current life,
• The simple but powerful question that will show you how to enjoy your life right now, and
• Exactly what you need to do with your answer.

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Just get started: the easy way to create positive, helpful habits


Have you got any bad habits?

Of course not… you’re perfect ;-) But seriously, take a minute to think about any bad, unhelpful or counterproductive habit you have and see if you can remember all the hard work, discipline and motivation it took to form that habit.

Whilst you might remember how your habit began, I seriously doubt if you can remember having to be particularly dedicated to it. But why do we all talk about discipline, motivation and hard work when it comes to making positive changes in our lives.

In this week’s episode of DBTV, I’ll explain exactly why I think motivation and discipline are overrated when it comes to making changes in your life.

In this short video you’ll learn…

• Why good habits are just as easy to create as bad habits,
• The one thing you do need to make an effort with if you want your new habit to stick, and
• The first thing you need to do to make any new habit your ‘new normal’.

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Know your values: Decision making made easy


Have you ever had a hard time making a decision?

Does this sound familiar… need to make, diligently create pros and cons list (either in written form or in your head), agonise over pros and cons, find yourself no closer to knowing what is wrong, but now stressed at having wasted so much time thinking about your decision over and over.

There is a fundamental flaw in the pros and cons approach and it just doesn’t help you work out what is right for you.

In this week’s episode of DBTV, I’ll share my simple, fail-safe way of making the right decision every time and explain why you should throw out your pros and cons list forever… Oh, and I’ll be wearing a ridiculous raspberry moustache too :-)

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Take one small step: get your goals back on track


Have you ever lost something really important?

Sometime last year I lost a goal… I don’t mean I put it down somewhere and then couldn’t find it, I just got so far off track that I forgot all about it. Complete and utterly forgot!

Sometimes when you are working towards a goal things go really smoothly. Other times, not so much. Things can get in the way: you might lose sight of your motivation or you simply get off track and can’t seem to get back on again.

If you’ve ever fallen behind or lost sight of a goal you’ve been working towards, don’t beat yourself up. Just watch this week’s episode of DBTV and find out exactly what you need to do to get back on track.

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Sit in silence: do nothing… and get more done


When was the last time you did nothing?

I don’t mean slobbed in front of the television or zoned out while waiting for your coffee. I mean sat in silence and really did nothing.

Most people are so busy rushing around trying to get a million and one things done that they never take a moment to enjoy some peace and quiet. When I suggest this to people the most common response I hear is that ‘I just don’t have time’. But if you live a busy life and need to get a lot done, taking a few minutes to sit in silence is one of the best (and most efficient) ways you can spend you time.

If finding the time to do nothing seems like an impossible goal, then this week’s DBTV is exactly what you need.

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