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People love Domonique’s books, courses and workshops.

I have just read your book “Love your Life” and found it so inspirational.

Lyndie | Australia

“Once upon a time, I was in a goal setting business meeting, when Domonique helped me discover that I wanted, in fact, I needed to write stories. That I am happiest when I am writing. She helped me see this could be a reality and together we devised a way to make this work with my job, family and other responsibilities.

Does what Domonique do work?  I am now a best-selling author, with twelve books to my name and published internationally and translated into five languages.
Domonique is the fairy godmother for the 21st Century. She draws the magic out of you, then helps design and then create your best life possible.”

Kate Forster | Best-selling Author

I have just purchased your book, ‘Your Best Life’, and to tell you the truth, I was so excited to read what you had written, I have been sitting in my car for the last hour reading it. I’m ready to find the me that I need to be – having read just a few pages of your book, I can feel a new hope growing within me.

Asheli | Australia

Your book had enlightened me to let it go, and take charge of my own happiness. Since then, whenever I am on travel, your book has never failed to accompany me and keeping me positive each time!! I keep on reading and going through the journey that you shared in your book.

Stelline | Singapore

I wanted to thank you, because despite always being interested in the psychology of life, and believing firmly in carpe diem, time management and every cliché in the book I still ultimately found complete clarification, motivation and inspiration from reading  your book.  I think I have read every pop psychology, self improvement and coaching book known to man – but yours was more succinct, simple and lacked the pretense I find in some.

Liz | Australia

Your book really encouraged me to go MY way in the future. Not selfishly, but because it’s ME who’s responsible for my life, my happiness and all the decisions which will lead to the life I want!

Brigit | Germany

“Many years ago when I started out on my journey, a wise woman appeared. She was unlike anyone I had ever met. At a time when I needed direction she showed me the way. Since that day Domonique has continued to support, encourage and inspire me to reach for my dreams, which have now become my reality.

If you are seeking answers to questions or solutions to challenges work with Domonique, she is quite simply an alchemist.”

Brooke Alexander | Founder The Legacy Project

I am so thankful that my friend bought me your book as my 38th birthday present. Thank you once again for helping me to gain insight, freedom and strength in mine.

Barbara | Australia

Each key so far has dramatically changed my way of thinking. I can’t believe that I never knew how many choices I actually have control over. Like simply deciding to be happy or choosing to not let things affect your day that are totally out of your control anyway. Thank you so much for this book it has already helped me
so much.

Brodie | Australia